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Digital Consulting

Kingly’s digital consulting consists of a variety of account management, project management and maintenance services.

Taking your website to the next level? Working with a team of experts in the digital design and development field, Kingly will shift your online presence from plain to dazzling.

Website Redevelopment

We all deserve a full makeover from time to time, your website is no different. Keep up with the Jones’s and update your web tech to show you’re on top of your digital game.

Project Management

If you require a project manager to be your middle man between yourself and agency – we’ve got you covered.


Once your website / social campaign / web refresh is complete, you’ll need someone to manage and maintain your new-found treasure.

Brand Stationery

Talented colleagues, with many years of print and digital design experience, mean that we don’t just do digital. Brand needs a refresh – send it our way: Logos | Letterheads | Business cards | Newsletters/Emailers

Digital Marketing Consultation

Digital Consulting