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Content is king

It has been reported that on average, a human being will process 34 gigabytes of information on a daily basis, the equivalent of 174 newspapers. Take that in for a second…

Our attention spans are limited, and as such to grab the attention of the reader, we need to ensure we firstly know WHO we are speaking to. Secondly, WHAT do they want to hear and lastly, HOW do they want to receive this information.

How many of us get to the end of an article we read online, and how many of us skip forward through said article to get to the crux of the matter and move on? How many of you are thinking of closing this web page right now?

The digital space has allowed us to deliver content in a myriad of ways. We are no longer limited to a page of words. Words can be combined into images and videos, sliced and diced across our screens.

Content is now driven and molded by the consumer. Know your consumer, give them what they want and you will have a captive audience.

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